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Happiness research in Belgian press

NN Belgium had a double celebration at the International Happiness Day in Belgium on March 20 as it celebrated the first communications anniversary of the National Happiness Research. During an important press event, renowned happiness experts discussed the most important results.

The National Happiness Research

As an expert in the field of protection, NN Belgium leads and inspires the debate around health and happiness. But, how happy are Belgians really? To find out, we joined forces with Prof Annemans (Ugent) in order to set up our own University chair and research. The results provided an insight into what we want to achieve for our clients: a healthy and happy life. And because everybody has a different take on this, we wanted to ensure that our solutions offered a better fit with individual expectations.

A site brimming over with happiness

But, our aims extended beyond our own clients and products. If you visit our website gelukkigebelgen.be you will find inspiring blogs, you can calculate your personal happiness score with the Geluk-O-Meter and you could even win the services of a happiness coach. There are also happiness tips by well-known Belgian personalities and successful entrepreneurs.

Press event to mark the first anniversary.

On 20 March, NN Belgium presented the most important results of two years of research. A number of people with specialist expertise or a healthy interest in happiness joined the debate: insurers, politicians, academics, well-known Flemish personalities, journalists, et cetera. Because at NN Belgium, we believe that happiness is of national importance!

What makes Belgians happy?

We invited the participants to tell us themselves in a voxpop survey on the streets of Brussels (video subtitled in Dutch and French).



NN Belgium Happiness Day on 20 March in Greenbizz (Tour & Taxis) Brussels


  • Important conclusions after one year of the Happiness Survey
  • Debates around happiness and health, social relations and finances with happiness experts and the Minister of the Economy Kris Peeters
  • Presentation National Happiness research 2019-2020 by Professor Annemans

Media coverage in all national newspapers, magazines and TV

First NN Happiness Awards

The crowning moment of the event was when CEO Jan Van Autreve introduced the first NN Happiness Awards. These will be awarded on 16 October to the people, companies or organisations that made a considerable contribution to the happiness of Belgians.


Happy faces were everywhere on this special day. Did you know, by the way, that our jobs contribute to 17.9% of our happiness? And that lots (even too much) money does not make people happy?

You can find more interesting results, insights and tips for happiness at


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